5 New Opportunities With Web3

Everyone wants to make money, especially making money on Web3. Everyone wants an opportunity to provide value and be paid for it at a fair market rate. But have you ever been able to make a living on social media networks? Not just being paid a fraction, but being able to earn a living. Like most users, our guess is you have not.  Previously this has just been a dream, but Solcial is turning it into a reality.

This is not just a future that provides opportunities to a small group, filled with insiders. No, this is a chance for anyone, from anywhere in the world to change their lives forever. Anyone and everyone can make money on Web3. On Solcial creators earn - and so do users. A country like Vietnam is a prime example of where the opportunity to earn money through Web3 exists. The population is crypto-savvy, hardworking, and open to new ideas to change their lives.

Solcial is utilizing Web3 to open new ways for creators, users, and anyone on the social network to get paid. Here are 5 ways Solcial will change lives in Vietnam or anywhere in the world.

1. Be a creator and monetize your audience

This is the most obvious way to make money on Web3. Do you have a skill or talent? Why don’t you take it online and grow your audience? Unlike Web2 platforms, Solcial allows you to not give up 30% or more of your income to the platform. Instead, you can monetize fairly.

You might be thinking you don’t have an audience, or your talent is not even monetizable. This is wrong. On Solcial, everyone has a chance to make money. Let’s say for example you like to post funny jokes. On Web2 platforms, this would earn you ZERO dollars. But on Solcial you can monetize this instantly to the right audience. By listing your creator token, if people think you’re funny, they can purchase some of these tokens for access to exclusive content that you might offer. This content might be your best jokes, funny memes…who knows? What you do is up to you. On Solcial you can be your own business, and are free to create your own product.

But think about it, never before has someone been able to make money online instantly and without needing approvals.

Even if your audience is 100 people if you can convert 10 of them to buying your token for $3 each you will have made $30. Not to mention some of your fans might want to invest further in you, thus increasing the number of tokens you sell. This might be just what you need to expand your business and create more content.

Solcial allows everyone to monetize their online value and earn money.

In a country like Vietnam, this can change lives. You can connect with people globally, without barriers, and monetize the value you bring. Maybe this is only value in a local sense, or perhaps it is global.

2. Invest in Up-&-Coming Creators

On the other side of the coin (pun intended), there are those who invest in creators. On Solcial you do not need to be a creator to earn money by using the platform– you can always be a fan who has an eye for talent.

Let’s go back to the example in point 1, but instead of being the creator, you are one of the first fans who bought this user token. Now let’s say this creator keeps producing valuable content, and because of the first few sales of their token, they were able to increase the quality of their content and grow their audience further. Now instead of having 10 people owning their token they now have 100 people. But, because there is more demand for the token, the price of it has also risen. So, while you might have only spent $15 to buy five tokens at $3 each if you want, now you can sell three of them at $5 each. Thus making the $15 back from your initial investment while still holding two tokens into the future.

Now imagine if you found an unknown creator who had the potential to 10x. On Solcial we are changing the relationship between creators and users, giving ways for both to earn on Web3 and build wealth. Fans are not stuck just watching and enjoying a creator's journey to stardom but now they can own part of it.

3. Join Communities and Buy & Sell NFTs

Solcial is taking NFTs and the communities that form around them to the next level. The NFT economy is a clear way for creators and users to make money on Web3 by using Solcial.

In later versions of Solcial, an individual user will have the ability to purchase NFTs from creators and showcase them on their profile. If the creator grows in popularity, the user can sell their NFT for a profit. Also, you can show your loyalty to a creator and prove you’re a “super-fan” by joining communities of like-minded individuals.

Additionally, if you are a creator, you can monetize within your community by minting NFTs. This is just another way to make money on Web3, but has the potential to provide a monetary benefit to both the user and creator on Solcial.

4. Provide a Service for Token Holders

Here we see the creator economy mix with the gig economy. On Solcial you can effectively launch your own business where token holders are entitled to your services. The more your services are in demand, the higher your token price becomes. This not only benefits you but also incentivizes potential employers to buy your token and give you a chance to grow.

In a country like Vietnam, this might be a game-changer. Maybe you offer language lessons for those who hold your token, or maybe you can cook special meals and deliver them. Once again, you as an entrepreneur can make money on Web3 and translate that value into the real world.

5. Take it Offline (Direct Payments)

What if we told you that it is possible to make money on Web3 without even having to provide services? With Solcial, this could become a path to monetize for some business owners.

The way you can take your business offline but still make money on Web3 is by using our P2P layer as a way to complete transactions with customers. In a country like Vietnam where 40% of the population is estimated to own crypto, you can sell physical goods and get paid in crypto through Solcial. On Solcial your customers can find your account and verify your identity on the blockchain. Then, you and this customer can send crypto directly to each other. No more Visa or bank transfers where the provider takes 4% or more.

On Solcial you can take your business online with Web3 and make money online while selling items offline. Not to mention maybe these customers will buy your token and transfer their loyalty back online.


Some of these options might not work for everyone, but the key with Solcial is that anyone has the opportunity to make money on Web3 by using the platform. We give you the tools, but it will be up to you to make something special.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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Telegram: https://t.me/solcial
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