Andrew Schulz vs Big Tech

Comedian Andrew Schulz is taking control of his future and dropping big tech platforms that censor his content. BUT what if Solcial could provide him with even better solutions?

You might not have heard about the censoring of Andrew Schulz. To be frank, you might not really care. But if you follow our community, you will have seen how Andrew Schulz has been victim to the same kind of censorship attacks that we see as the greatest risk to online creation, and overall internet freedoms.

If you wish to learn the background of Andrew’s story, how he is solving his issue, and how Solcial would solve it much better, read on below:

Who is Andrew Schulz?

Incase you don’t know who Andrew Schulz is, let us explain who he is and what he does. Andrew Schulz is an American comedian. He, like many comedians, is known to push the envelope in terms of what kind of content he produces. He doesn’t shy away from topics, self-censor his opinions, and without a doubt does not think twice about offending someone.

Andrew Schulz is known for his work as both a stand-up comedian and a podcaster with over 135,777,353 views on Flagrant, his YouTube channel. It is safe to say that Andrew is one of the most well-known comedians online. As with most comedians, Andrew regularly produces comedy specials and releases them via platforms like Amazon or Netflix. However, for his forthcoming comedy special, Andrew has been forced to buy out his special because the platform that owned the rights thought that the content was too controversial and wanted Andrew to self-censor and remove portions of it.

Like most creators, Andrew has not been keen to sacrifice his work in order to appease a small group of corporate monopolists. So, Andrew is taking destiny into his own hands and will be going fully independent in the release of his upcoming special. Now he is fully reliant on his audience to help support him and purchase the special.

But what if there was a better way for Andrew to monetize his audience?

Solcial is being created to solve this exact problem. We are driven to find solutions for creators who want to escape the ever-expanding reach of censorship, while still making money. The difference we provide is that the creator does not just make money off their audience, but their audience also has the chance to make money with them.

Here’s how Andrew Schulz could use Solcial to overcome censorship on Web2 platforms and build a comedic empire.

Closing the Door on Censorship

First let’s deal with the overarching issue here, Censorship. The real problems that Andrew is facing come from censorship and the power that major platforms have over creators when they dare make content that might risk offending someone. It is fair that someone might not like the jokes that Andrew shares. They even might find them offensive, but should that mean that the jokes can’t be made in the first place?

On Solcial, we attempt to solve this issue in the best way possible. First, we lean towards freedom of speech. This is a cornerstone of our mission. Next, we give the community the power to censor content via the super majority of reports to views. Next, we discourage impulsive reporting by giving users the ability to upvote or downvote content. This let’s upset users simply downvote something instead of trying to have it removed. More on our moderation policy here.

Opportunities for Ownership

Next, creators like Andrew Schulz will benefit by unlocking new ways of ownership. On Solcial, creators can monetize their talents alongside their community. In the case of Andrew Schulz, he would have his own unique token, which he could set a quantity needed to access his exclusive tiers of content. By accessing these tiers, his audience can receive exclusive content. This content might range from an ability to participate in AMAs or potentially hidden podcasts, to of course his comedy special. The opportunities are limited only by what the creator decides to monetize.

Why is this better than Web2?

By monetizing his content via Solcial, Andrew is unlocking more monetary benefits by letting his audience earn in the process. If they buy his tokens, then they can access this content and in turn, Andrew can earn by selling more tokens. Of course, if the special is fantastic and garners more attention, then Andrew’s audience might have the chance to sell some of their tokens for a profit.

To make the deal even better, Andrew doesn’t have to fear being de-platformed and has to give up virtually 0% of his profits to the platform. This is a big win over big tech monopolies.

Like Fred, like Andrew, the future of the internet is creators betting on themselves!

By fighting the big tech platforms Andrew is taking a risk. He could fail, no one could buy his special, and he could lose everything. But this is what the future is about. The future online is creators taking control over their destiny. The creator is the person who has built up the audience, they have the talent - so why don’t they have the money?

Solcial changes this creator-platform relationship!

Let the audience win alongside the creator. This is what Solcial is built for.

We wish Andrew good luck on his special, Infamous, and can’t wait to see him on Solcial in the near future!

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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