Deactivate Instagram and Try Solcial: A Web3 Social Network Revolutionizing Social Media

In our digital world, social networks have become a fundamental aspect of our daily lives. With platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter dominating the social media scene, it's easy to become overwhelmed by an ever-growing stream of content and become overwhelmed. Many users are beginning to doubt the worth of these sites and contemplating the possibility of deactivating their accounts. This is the point where Solcial comes in, it is a Web3 social network that offers an alternative to traditional Social Media platforms.

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What is Solcial?

Solcial can be described as an open, decentralized social network based on the Solana blockchain. It's built to be a user-centric system with full control over their information and privacy. Solcial provides a variety of features similar to traditional social media platforms, such as news feeds, DM messaging (coming soon), and the capability to post content without fearing censorship. But Solcial's unique approach to social media makes it stand out from other platforms.

Deactivate Instagram: Why Solcial is the Answer

If you're considering deactivating your Instagram account, here are some reasons why Solcial may be the answer you've been looking for:

  1. Data Privacy

One of the major concerns for traditional social media platforms is privacy concerns for data. They collect and store massive amounts of user information that can be used to target advertising and sold off to other firms. With Solcial users, they have total control over their personal data and are able to decide whether they want to share their data with others or keep it confidential. Solcial is built on a decentralized blockchain. Data is stored in the InterPlanetary File Systems (IPFS) networks. This means that the content is not subject to censorship and is safe from central government individuals, as well as any group seeking to eliminate content in a random manner. Of obviously, there are rules for moderation, but in the end, Solcial is built to permit community-based participation and governance.

2. No Ads


Another reason users might consider deactivating accounts on Instagram accounts is due to the continuous stream of ads. With Solcial, there aren't any advertisements. Solcial is funded through small transaction fees for users who purchase user tokens that are used to keep the network and to pay for the development. It means that customers have a smooth and ad-free experience with Solcial, and creators can make money directly through their audience rather than adapting to advertisers.

3. Authentic Engagement

On traditional social networks, social engagement is usually controlled by algorithms that prioritize content according to its popularity. That means that users regularly encounter the same content repeatedly and over, making it difficult for new content creators to gain recognition. Solcial is a platform that allows users to interact with each other. Solcial engagement is based on genuine conversations between users. Solcial enables users to vote on the acceptance or disapproval of posts using an upvote or downvote mechanism. Users also can sort their feeds by their settings for sensitivity and different inputs.

4. Community-Driven

Solcial is a platform that is driven by the community, which means that the users can influence how the platform is developed. Solcial is built upon the notion that technology can be shared openly. It, means that in the near future, everyone will be able to contribute to the growth and development of the system. This fosters a sense of belonging and the sense of community among users that isn't always present when using traditional social networks. Solcial communities are also empowered. Solcial is further empowered by the platform's moderation guidelines, letting the community decide on the guidelines.

5. NFT Integration

Solcial also provides NFT integration that lets users showcase their artwork and other creative work on Solcial's platform. This is a feature that distinguishes Solcial from the other platforms for social media and allows artists and creators to earn money from their work.

How to Get Started on Solcial

If you're ready to deactivate your Instagram account and try Solcial, getting started is easy. Simply visit the Solcial website and create an account. Once you're logged in, you can start exploring the platform and connecting with other users. You can customize your profile, share content, and engage with other users.


If you're considering deactivating your Instagram account, Solcial offers a unique alternative to traditional social media platforms. With a focus on data privacy, authentic engagement, and community-driven development, Solcial provides a refreshing alternative to the endless stream of ads and algorithms that dominate traditional social media. Give Solcial a try and see why it's quickly becoming the go-to social network for the Web3 ecosystem.

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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