From the Community, For the Community: Celebrating Solcial's One-Year Milestone Through a Member-Led Interview with the Core Team

As Solcial, the trailblazing web3 social network, celebrates its first anniversary, it stands as a testament to the power of innovative technology and community synergy. This milestone is not just a mark of time but a reflection of a journey filled with challenges, achievements, and relentless pursuit of a decentralized, user-empowered online world.

In commemoration of this significant event, a unique dialogue was initiated between the pillars of Solcial: Astronaut, a passionate community member and founder of Astra Community, and Voronovskiy, a core team member. This interview is not just a conversation but a convergence of visions, reflecting the collaborative spirit that fuels Solcial. It offers an intimate look into the heart of the network, shedding light on the experiences, insights, and aspirations that shape its path forward.

This exchange goes beyond the typical narrative, weaving together the perspectives of those who build and those who empower the platform. As we delve into this engaging interview, we celebrate the symbiotic relationship that defines Solcial's success. It's a journey through the milestones of the past year, a deep dive into the present challenges and triumphs, and a forward-looking exploration of what the next year holds for this pioneering platform.

Special thanks to Astronaut for spearheading this initiative, and we now invite you to explore the insightful interview commemorating Solcial's first anniversary.

Astronaut: Hi, Vadim! Thank you for accepting the invitation to interview in celebration of the First Anniversary of Solcial's launch. I'm sure this is an important milestone for the whole Solcial community!

Voronovskiy: Hello, Astronaut! It's my pleasure. Yes, it's a big milestone for us. We're all really excited about what we've achieved in a year, and we're thankful for everyone who's been a part of this. Looking forward to what's next!

Astronaut: A little bit over a year ago you launched Solcial on Solana Breakpoint. A lot has happened since then. How does the Solcial Team evaluate the first passed year in general? How different or in line with your original plans has it been?

Voronovskiy: Looking back at the year, we feel good about what we've done. You know that the crypto world is full of surprises, and sure, we hit some bumps along the way that we didn't expect. But that's all part of the journey. We stayed true to our big goals even when we had to change our plans a bit to deal with those surprises. We've built a solid product, and we're making it better every day. We're excited about the future and keeping our community at the heart of everything we do.

Astronaut: That's great! By the way, why didn't you go to Breakpoint this year?

Voronovskiy: We didn’t have enough budget to travel and we've got a lot on our plate right now, so the team stayed focused on our work. We're not all in the same place at the moment, with all of us working remotely. But we kept up with Breakpoint online to make sure we didn't miss anything important.

Astronaut: Got it. What are Solcial's major achievements in the first year, in your opinion?

Voronovskiy: Good question. In the first year, our proudest achievement has been delivering a fully functional and user-friendly product. Given that 99 percent of startups face tough challenges, especially in the crypto space, it's a significant feat. We've created a cross-platform experience that empowers users to share content confidently, knowing it won't be unfairly removed. And we're breaking new ground by integrating artificial intelligence into social networking, even though it's early days in this endeavor. Each of these milestones is a testament to our team's hard work and the robust support of our community.

Astronaut: I agree that these things are really important! And what are the main issues/challenges Solcial has faced in its first year? What is the plan to overcome them?

Voronovskiy: The biggest problem we have faced was the impact of the FTX collapse. It was a hard hit for us, we were supposed to do lots of marketing activities with them and get listed. It shook the industry (especially the Solana ecosystem), affected investor confidence, and led to a loss of funds for many people. The biggest challenge is getting more users, especially web2 folks to join us. Most people are still warming up to blockchain and crypto. It reminds me of how AI started—lots of doubts, but now look how many are into it. I believe education and user-friendly experiences are key. Just as people are embracing AI for its technology and solutions, we're confident that with time, blockchain and web3 will become more integrated into everyday use. Our plan is to continue to simplify the user experience, making it as intuitive as possible, and to highlight the benefits of decentralized platforms. Time will help, and we're here for the long run to make it work.

Astronaut: That's great to hear that the issues/challenges didn't stop you! But has the Solcial Team changed during this year? And what is planned for the near future regarding this aspect?

Voronovskiy: Our core development team has stayed the same. Some of our team members have shifted to part-time work temporarily. As we move forward, we're focused on sustaining our productivity and eventually bringing everyone back to full capacity when possible. Currently, we don't have plans to expand the team. Our aim is to continue delivering quality work and innovations without overextending our resources.

Astronaut: A little more than a month ago, the legendary Scout Program, which lasted more than a year and a half, came to an end. How do you evaluate its efficiency? And are there any future plans to resume it (perhaps in a modified form)?

Voronovskiy: Definitely, The Scout Program was effective. And you being our Scout pioneer know how it was changed during the development period. We've had the chance to work with a diverse group of people who brought unique vision, skills, and ideas. Everyone played a role in pushing the project forward. We're thankful for the contributions that have helped shape Solcial. As for the future, we'd love to have another round of the Scout Program. It's not on the immediate horizon, but it's something we're thinking about. When we have the right setup, we hope to launch it again in a new and improved form.

Astronaut: Well, I think a lot of people will be looking forward to it! Also, can you share if there are any plans to promote the platform and what exactly are they?

Voronovskiy: Right now, our resources are tighter due to lack of funding and budget. Despite this, we're actively seeking new partnerships and investment opportunities to support our growth. When our financial position allows, we have plans to ramp up our marketing efforts to attract more users to the platform. We're committed to expanding our reach and are exploring all avenues to make that happen.

Astronaut: I was just about to ask more details about the new investors :) After all, Solсial has a stable product and a growing audience. Due to this, in your opinion, how realistic is it to attract new investors?

Voronovskiy: Attracting new investors is part of our plan. We're realistic about the challenges—the market isn't ideal for fundraising at the moment, with many investors taking a cautious stance. However, we're not just waiting for the market to turn. We're actively developing new features that we believe are innovative and compelling enough to catch the interest of funds and incubators.

Astronaut: Could you provide more details about what is the plan of platform improvements (new features implementation) for the next year of Solcial's life?

Voronovskiy: We have a roadmap with exciting prospects, particularly focusing on AI features and exploring multi-chain capabilities. Our policy is to ensure that we only announce new developments when we have something tangible and functional to present to our users. We're committed to innovation and improvement, but we also prioritize delivering on our promises. So while I can't reveal specifics just yet, I can say that we're working hard on the next generation of features that we believe will significantly enhance the user experience on Solcial.

Astronaut: I understand. How realistic is the possibility to make Solcial multi-chain? Are you seriously considering such a possibility?

Voronovskiy: Making Solcial multi-chain is not just a concept; it's a practical direction we're considering seriously. It holds the promise of scaling our platform, diversifying our user base to other communities, and enhancing the overall user experience. But it's crucial for us to get it right. We're committed to ensuring that before we integrate other chains, the experience—from onboarding to daily use—is seamless and meets our high standards. We see great potential in this move, and we're methodically working towards making it a reality.

Astronaut: That's great! Now I'd like to talk about the following. It's no secret that many people are concerned about the price of SLCL. Do you plan to take any steps that can increase the demand for SLCL? Perhaps expanding the utility of SLCL?

Voronovskiy: Yes, we're well aware of the concerns around SLCL's price, and it's one of our priorities. We're exploring various strategies to enhance the token's value and appeal. We also analyze the current monetization system of Solcial to find what we can change to make it more attractive for users and to make a win-win situation for both project revenue and users' profit. Improving and expanding SLCL's utility within our ecosystem is a major focus for us as we develop new features. Our goal is to create more demand for SLCL by increasing its use cases and integrating it more deeply into the user experience.

Astronaut: Do you have any plans to bring SLCL back to CEX?

Voronovskiy: Definitely, we're actively looking for ways to get SLCL listed on CEXs again. However, it's important to understand that these exchanges operate on a centralized model, and the decision to list tokens rests with them. We're doing everything we can from our end, and we hope to find a CEX partner that aligns with our vision and sees the potential in SLCL just as we do.

Astronaut: At the beginning of the summer, you launched a unique Social-to-Earn Mining Program. After a few months of this program, how do you evaluate its impact on user engagement and activity on the platform? What are your further plans for this program?

Voronovskiy: The Social-to-Earn Mining Program has been a hit! It definitely brought more people to Solcial. It seems to resonate especially well with crypto enthusiasts who are into staking and growing their holdings. We've seen a noticeable uptick in user engagement, which tells us we're on the right track. We're not stopping here, though. We're working on making the program even better and smoothing out the user experience. The feedback we've received so far is guiding us to fine-tune the program.

Astronaut: That's great, I think it will make Solcial users even more excited! In general, how do you rank Solcial and its potential compared to promoted web2 social networks? And compared to other web3 social networks?

Voronovskiy: We recognize the dominance of established web2 social networks; they're giants in this space. But our goal isn't to compete with them head-to-head. We're focused on carving out our own niche, creating a platform that resonates with our community's values and needs. We believe in the potential of Solcial to provide a unique and enjoyable experience for our users, and we're dedicated to continual improvement. It's about quality and community satisfaction for us, not just competing on scale. In the web3 space, while there are other social networks, our focus remains the same. We're not here to outshine every other platform. Instead, we're committed to developing Solcial in a way that stays true to our vision and serves our community effectively. We believe this dedication to our users and their experience sets us apart. By concentrating on what makes Solcial unique and valuable to our user base, we're creating our own space within the web3 ecosystem.

Astronaut: Many of us know that in the crypto field there are a lot of projects that come for a short time and close down. But what about Solcial? For how long is Solcial going to stay according to your mission and vision?

Voronovskiy: It's true that many startups don't make it long-term, but we're in this for the haul. We've set our sights on building and continuously improving Solcial. Every challenge we've faced has only made our team more resilient. Our mission and vision are clear: we are here to stay, to work, and to build a product that stands the test of time.

Astronaut: Thank you so much for the informative responses! Hope, Solcial can actually reach the new milestones we talked about today. And of course, I wish further success to the Solcial team and the whole community!

Voronovskiy: Thank you very much for your kind words and for this interview. It was truly a pleasure to discuss Solcial's vision and future prospects with someone who understands the significance of our mission. I look forward to possibly reconnecting in the future to share our progress and continue our engaging discussions.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this insightful interview. We hope it has provided you with a deeper understanding of the journey, achievements, and aspirations that define Solcial as it celebrates its first anniversary. Your thoughts and perspectives are invaluable to us, and we encourage you to join the ongoing discussion. Please feel free to share your views and engage with our community under this post: Solcial Interview Discussion. We look forward to hearing from you and continuing this meaningful conversation together.

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