How to End Censorship - Once and for All

Even if we remove censorship policies from current Web2 social media platforms, will we see a return to censorship in the future given the centralized nature of them? Is censorship an inevitable action for humankind when given the chance? Let's discuss.

It seems that most people on the internet, especially within crypto, agree that there is a need to limit censorship online and especially on social media platforms. Some think simply fixing Web2 centralized platform, like Facebook and Twitter, will suffice and with the potential of new management, censorship can be eliminated with new policies. They think a savior can come, end the censorship madness and social networks will be free again.

We at Solcial aren’t so sure about that. The main problem we see is the obvious issue around the centralized foundation that Web2 platforms have been built on. On current social media platforms, censorship is so easy, will the ones censoring even know they are doing it? As an example, if you ask the current heads of Facebook and Twitter, most likely they would not believe they are censoring dissenting voices. Big tech platforms justify censorship by framing it as "protecting the user" or "managing false information". However, many see this simply as censorship.

When looking at censorship, it seems to be hard to see when you’re the one censoring, and crystal clear when you’re being censored. This can lead to a vicious cycle of censorship from one group to another. This inherently causes problems and might be why censorship keeps returning. In one form or another, humans have always been censoring each other. The problem currently is that one person sees their side as being censored, but can then censor the other side once they gain the power and are looking for possible revenge. But why do we always do this? What in our human DNA causes it so we must always oppress once we are done being oppressed ourselves?

Even if we eliminate censorship on social networks, how can we know that censorship will not return? On Web2 platforms, their roots are based in centralization and are controlled by a few selected individuals. So what happens if the individuals with the power change and the new group is not so motivated by freedom of speech? At the end of the day, how will freedom of speech be protected? The short answer is that it isn’t protected on any centralized platform. The only way to protect freedom of speech regardless of who has control is by building on a foundation of decentralization. Essentially give the power to the user, and set up the system so the super-majority gets a say, not the super-minority like on centralized platforms.

We can list countless cases of censorship and oppression. We can look at how power has been corrupted, and how seemingly good actors have been forced to compromise on their values. But what if instead of repeating history, we changed it, and let the story be told that by building with the principles of decentralization and longevity, we were able to recreate social media and birth a future like never seen before.

Some might think this is just a dream. They think the few will always have the most power, and centralization is the only way forward. We don’t see it that way. We see change on the horizon, an appetite for freedom, and a technology (blockchain) that is now ready. It might sound simple, but we now have to build it. The journey has not been easy, but getting this right is the most important thing we do as a team. Solcial is being built for the people. We are baking in censorship-resistant features to secure your speech for generations. It doesn’t matter who “founded” Solcial, it is about you - the USER of Solcial.

This is how we end censorship - once and for all.

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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