Creators & Influencers on Solcial: What to Expect

Last week we covered what NFT projects can expect on Solcial. This included ways they could monetize, generate hype, and allow their community to earn and interact together. This week, we are covering what creators and influencers can expect on Solcial. How can you as a creator and influencer take your brand and monetize it while still giving the opportunity to your fans to join in on the fun?

Of course, we have already covered topics around our core principles of freedom of speech, privacy, and overall monetization, we should still look specifically at how an influencer can take their talents to the next level.

The Old Way

With more and more people aspiring to make a career online by being a content creators or influencers, the need for change is clear. On current Web2 giants, we see a business model being implemented that revolves around the creator being paid to promote products and then getting a cut from that.

Advertisements are important in the Web2 landscape. Creators might get a portion of the revenue, but often the platform takes a huge cut. Even if a YouTuber has an ad in their video, they still need to find a way to promote this product and get their audience to buy it.

Sadly, on Web2 platforms, influencers are stuck promoting products or begging for donations via platforms like Patreon (see our article about Patreon here).

On Solcial, influencers can monetize their social value and be more than just walking brand advertisements. On Solcial your brand can make money WITH your fans.

Minting Your Coin

As an influencer, your token on Solcial is your way of letting the world decide your social value. Every user gets a token minted, and every user has a token price, but being the high-clout influencer that you are, you will probably want to gain in market cap ASAP.

Monetizing Your Audience

You might be wondering why mint a token, and why would your audience buy your tokens? On Solcial, there are several factors that lead to individuals buying other users’ tokens.

1. Tiered Content

We allow creators to put content behind tiered levels. This is explained further in this article, but in short, you can restrict posts or any content to only those who hold a set amount of your tokens. You set the requirements, and get to decide what content is restricted. This exclusive access incentivizes your fans to buy and hold your token if they want to gain this access.

2. Speculation and long-term gain

Another reason someone might want to buy your token is so they can have a stake in your future success. Maybe you’re just beginning and they want to see you rise in fame. Instead of just watching your rise, now people can buy your token and sell it when you become an international superstar.

This also works when you combine it with the tiered content. If your token rise in value, your fans can succeed along with you. This is not something that is possible on Web2 platform. The only ability they give is the chance to get exclusive content or be flooded with ads.

On Solcial your fans earn along with you.

Protections from Censorship and Demonetization

We would be remiss to not mention how Solcial gives influencers and creators reassurances that their hard work won’t be suddenly demonetized and restricted. Imagine building a huge audience and waking up to have it all removed. On Solcial you can unlock your true potential without fear of censorship.

So when you think of the future of influencers, you need to think of the future influencer economy. Imagine how you as an influencer can provide value, and if you’re a casual fan, how you can identify the next big talents! OR maybe you’re a combination of both and you can hold some tokens of other creators while partnering with them on your content.

If you’re an up-and-coming creator or influencer, Solcial is the tool you need to monetize (with) your audience!

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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