Jack Gone From Twitter, Facebook Changes to Meta — Our Thoughts on the Changing Social Media Landscape.

It’s no surprise that here at Solcial we aren’t exactly bullish on current social media platforms. We’ve experienced, witnessed, and are trying to change the glaring holes in platforms like Twitter and Facebook (sorry, we just can’t call them Meta). However, we’ve seen a recent trend start with some of the major Web2 social media platforms… everyone is leaving them. Sure, maybe it is just the founders leaving like Jack Dorsey or the complete rebrand that Facebook is trying to do. But we have noticed that it seems like most people are fed up with their current feed, and agree that a change is needed.

Before we talk about how Solcial is looking to change the way we engage with content, we should spend a little more time on current social media giants and the great shift that is happening right before our eyes. See, we don’t really blame these founders for either leaving or rebranding their platforms. Imagine you’re a person like Jack Dorsey, you founded a platform that has effectively changed the world. Twitter has seen some cool moments that led to major events like the Arab Spring. But on the other hand, Twitter appears to have been corrupted by woke cancel ideology.

Twitter started with a focus on free speech but due to the centralized powers that Web2 platforms have, they now represent something completely different. The sad part is Jack was probably powerless in his efforts to limit this. The bloated centralized bureaucracy that Twitter became is a monster that no one can fix. Our guess is Jack realised this and decided to cut his losses and focus on his passions for crypto and the innovation that we’re seeing in Web3.

The same set of problems is facing Meta. Except let’s be honest, Facebook has been facing a long and hard decline for years now. Censorship, user privacy, and overall boredom on the platform have led many users to migrate to more fun, engaging social media platforms. It’s pretty clear Facebook needed to be bold in how they adapted to the next generation of the Internet, and it seems that the jury is still out on if Meta will change the world as Facebook did. We still aren’t sure if Meta is a hard fork or more of a rug pull…

While we could spend all day discussing why people are leaving sites like Twitter and what might be the motivation behind the rebranding being done by Facebook, it is pretty clear that we’re seeing major cracks in the Web2 landscape. Problems not only stem from issues with censorship, but also with creators being upset with unfair monetization and limited ways to generate revenue (see how Twitch paid creators much less than the 50/50 they were supposed to earn when the leak revealed all the numbers).

This is why we’re working so hard to develop Solcial into a platform that can compete and overtake current Web2 players. By building Solcial in a way that limits censorship, we ensure that users are free to post without fear. We’re not just saying we’re pro-free speech, we’re literally engraving it within our platform to protect free speech from any and all individuals.
Next, we’re developing new ways for creators to earn and allow their fans to grow with them. All of this is being done without the need to collect users data and sell it to the highest bidder. We’re hoping this will truly give users the power to own their social media content.

More to come on all of these things soon. We hope you’re as excited as us. We see a clear need for new platforms to innovate the way we operate on social media. If you agree a change is needed then follow us to stay tuned for our upcoming launch!

About Solcial

Solcial is a decentralised social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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