Journalists on Solcial: What to Expect

It might not be surprising to learn that the team behind Solcial has seen freedom of speech as a core issue in society and a problem that needs permanent solutions. This is why we’re building Solcial with the goal of uncensorable information sharing through IPFS decentralized storage, as well as assuring the privacy of users through encryption.

We believe a future where freedom of speech and monetization are provided to creators is what society needs. While we have already looked at how crypto-native projects like NFTs, trading groups, or content creators might use Solcial, let’s break down how journalists (crypto or not) will benefit from Solcial.

Importance of Journalists

A free press is clearly an essential part of a healthy, well-functioning society. Journalists who are not afraid of repercussions based on their reporting are key to holding politicians, corporations, and others to account for their actions. Furthermore, on a platform where all sides are heard, people critical of journalists themselves are important and valued.

In order for proper checks and balances to be done, journalists need to be able to employ themselves from their work, report without fear, and have an opportunity to be heard. Solcial provides all of these solutions to journalists. Unlike other platforms, we are building so no one person can shut down another person who they might simply disagree with. While some might see this as a danger, we see it as an opportunity for the community to express their opinions without fear.

Importance of Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech in journalism is critical if we are to receive unbiased, and truthful reporting. On other platforms, there is a looming threat of censorship if the wrong material is covered, or simply if it doesn’t go along with the mainstream narrative. Solcial takes the stance of neutrality around issues being reported. If for instance content being produced needs to be removed, we allow for the community to decide, not the project team.

We think this ability to speak freely will enable journalists to report issues as they see them. If they report something that is false, then we assume their community will sell their token or simply not consume their reporting. Unlike current Web2 platforms, we aren’t focused on having reporters post sensational and eye-catching articles trying to get any and everyone to click on their content. Instead, we are focused on the value that journalists will provide. This value will be found in the quality of the news they bring.

How Solcial Helps Journalists

While the freedom to report issues without fear of censorship is critical for journalists, we are also aiming to provide journalists with opportunities to monetize and bring value to their followers through token sales and tiered content. So, besides the ability to report freely, journalists on Solcial also have the chance to earn freely without fear of demonetization and limitations being put on what they can earn based on what they report.

How Journalists Monetize

Similar to the methods creators or other individuals might use on Solcial, journalists will find the best way to monetize their content is by selling their tokens to their audience and to those who are interested in investing in them. By selling their tokens, users on Solcial can subscribe to exclusive and private content that the journalist might make available only to their exclusive tier 2 and 3 audiences, or they might simply buy a token to invest in the future of a journalist's reporting.

By allowing journalists to put some content behind a paywall via their tiered sections, Solcial gives opportunities for journalists to incentivize their audience to invest in them and support their content. Sadly under web2 business models, journalists have only been able to sell a subscription to their audience. Now via Solcial, they can incentivize their audience to earn along with them by making an investment in their token. Meanwhile, the token holder can enjoy their news content and find value in their reports.

This then brings the next benefit journalists get on Solcial. This is an ability to turn their community from casual followers, to passionate promoters. Because token holders can earn along with their favourite journalists, they now have reason to tell all their friends about their reporting. This also gives journalists a reason to make sure their content is honest, and of the highest quality.

Value over Clicks

Imagine you're a journalist and you didn’t need to be the fastest to break something, or your reports didn’t have to have shareable quotes. Imagine you could simply report the facts as they occur and do it in the most concise, clear, and honest way possible. This unbiased, and uncensorable content deserves to be on Solcial. The future of online media shouldn’t be focused on hoarding user attention, it should be focused on unleashing journalistic potential. This is why Solcial is building for journalists and journalists should be building on Solcial.

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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