More Demands on Your Data!

More governments are requesting information on various social media users’ information. Twitter released information saying they had over 60,000 legal demands in only six months! We need solutions so you own your data – not the platform!

Last week Twitter released its 20th Transparency Report. In this report, they cover things like government or legal requests for user data, how many times they objected to providing this data, and the growing demands they are facing from governments around the world.

Sharing our latest transparency update, marking decade long commitment
This year marks a decade of transparency reporting for Twitter, and today we are publishing our 20th Transparency Report.

While we commend Twitter for its efforts to give the public access to information surrounding outside interference in their social media information, we think this highlights the fundamental need for change.

No one should be able to access your data online – this should be your data!

What makes this report especially troubling is the acceleration of requests that Twitter is experiencing. They experienced “An increase of 103% in legal demands from governments targeting verified journalists and news outlets since the last reporting period”. This includes a record number of legal demands with 45,572 demands on 198,931 accounts!

We’ve been warning of the increase of government pressure on Web2 platforms for a long time – in fact, it is a massive motivation for our team at Solcial – but this data is surprising even the most pessimistic of us.

We could've made this meme much longer...

Why do governments want this information?

Sure, the governments that requested this information might argue that they need it to help fight crime or protect their citizens. We also agree that criminals should be caught, terrorists should be stopped, and there is no place for that online. We also understand that many governments spy on their citizens and reprimand them when their opinions don't fit with general propaganda. This is why we believe all types of user data should remain private and encrypted. This will allow for the maximum amount of freedom without fearing punishment. Even if some governments claim to only be targeting criminals, they prove that their information requests are actually done in an effort to silence their critiques by targeting so many journalists.

Even without a clear picture of the reasons for government interest in the social media activity of individuals, groups, or journalists we should all be concerned with what governments did to these individuals after being given their data by Twitter.

The fundamental problem

Here we circle back to the fundamental problem with Web2 platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. They store your data, they are then pressured by authoritarian governments, and given their centralization, they are then forced to give your information over.

This shouldn’t be a surprise – on Web2 social networks you're the product. They target you with ads, sell your data, and even disregard your trust by submitting to government requests that might put you in danger.

Changing the Equation with Solcial

While this type of information might make you feel hopeless, there is a better option. Solcial is building so you can own your identity on social media. No longer will a government be able to pressure the platform to release information on you. No longer will the platform be able to arbitrarily censor you. On Solcial, the future is in your hands.

The Internet should be a place where freedom excels. Social media should be open to everyone. Let bad ideas be defeated, and let good ideas be celebrated. On Solcial the promise of Web3 is becoming a reality.

As we see with this Transparency Report by Twitter – we need Web3 social media and we need it NOW.

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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