Progressive Launch: Why Testers Are Important

If you’ve been following the development of Solcial, you might have seen a few posts about how we have been onboarding testers onto the platform. These testers have been critical when it comes to identifying bugs, providing feedback, and helping improve Solcial. We know some might be wondering why we are not just launching – some think bugs can be fixed later, and the product should be available to the public – even if elements are listed as “coming soon”. While there is some validity to this notion when it comes to a social network things don’t always work that way.

So, let’s look at why we’re using testers in an effort to maximize product functionality and benefit Solcial in the long run.

We at Solcial have looked extensively at what it is that takes to build a social network that not only provides value to users but also ensures that users keep coming back. To be blunt, user retention is one of the most important metrics for any social network. If users visit your platform that is great, but in the long run, it is useless if they only interact on the platform once or twice.

For a social network to succeed it must keep users coming back time to time again. It might sound simple, but the unique feature or product difference that keeps them coming back is what can make or break a social network.

Our philosophy as a team is that we know once we launch we will need users to not just visit and experiment on the platform, but we will need them to actually return on a frequent basis. This is what helps create the network effect.

This is where testers come into play.

By using testers – who to be clear, are made up of some of our most loyal community members, trusted team members, investors and various partners – we can ensure that if the platform is missing something, we fix it before the public experiences the same issue.

Imagine you joined a Web3 social network – one that has promised to change the world – and you can literally only use 40% of the product. This would not only disappoint you, but you are not likely to return to that platform the next day – why would you?

This is why testers are so important to Solcial. They are the sounding board for new features, and are making Solcial better every single day!

How testers improve Solcial

Incase you are wondering the main task that testers have is to simply test the platform. This means going through the sign-up process, connecting and interacting with others, buying and selling tokens, and most of all, giving us their thoughts and reporting any issues they run into.

Our strategy around the launch is to perfect the platform first and then onboard the masses. An important step in getting to launch involves bringing on more testers every week. We began with just a handful of testers, but have slowly been increasing the number every week. Once have enough testers who we find are returning daily, and finding minimal bugs, then we initiate the launch to the general public.

You might be wondering what is the timeline – if we’re being honest, it is difficult to definitively say. We as a team want Solcial out ASAP – but we know we need to remain committed to our plan. However, we have seen increasing numbers of testers with fewer and fewer things to fix.

Our time will come!

In the meantime, we have put out various threads about testers and looking at how you can also become one. Please take a look and make sure to be active for a chance to join before the rest of the world!

We’ve seen how other platforms have failed, and we are determined not to make the same mistakes as them. Yes, hype is great, it can be used to help promote a product to the masses. But what matters more is the follow-thru. We need to keep the hype at a consistent level and increase further once we launch. This is the only way for us to beat the monopolies and fulfill our mission.

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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