Q1 Recap and Q2 Update

We’ve had a busy Q1 focused on building what we see as the future of social media. This is a future where users have the power and big censorable platforms are put in their place. While we know everyone in the community wants to be using the Solcial platform as soon as possible, we wanted to recap the last few months, and take a look at what Q2 will hold for Solcial.

First, we should acknowledge that our goals for Q1 2022 were focused on two things:

1. Building the Solcial platform – fixing bugs, strengthening UI, adding key features.

2. Growing the Solcial community – launching community channels, developing the Scout program, deploying the Solcial native token - SLCL.

Building the Solcial platform

The team at Solcial has been working tirelessly and ferociously over the last several months in what feels like an endless marathon to develop our Web3 social network. During this past quarter, we have seen some massive progress, and we have faced some massive challenges. While it might seem like an easy and straightforward task, building a whole new social network, on crypto rails, while ensuring censorship resistance and user privacy, has come with its fair share of obstacles. Let’s first look at the amazing progress our team has made, and then address some of the challenges along with our solutions to them.

When we began the year we had an extremely rudimentary platform that was close to the point it needed to be to begin internal testing. Our dev team had been spending several months laying the group work and building the backend as well as supporting features that needed to be implemented. During Q4 2021, we onboarded a terrific team and began to see just how much we can do towards the end of the year.

Within a few weeks of starting January, our dev team shipped a first version of the Solcial app for us as a team to test internally. Obviously, there have been bugs and all of us have contributed to identifying areas of improvement. Furthermore, we have also been testing a web-based version and revamping our UI to ensure user experience is not just easy, but addictive.

While our team has been working on backed features, we have narrowed down our focus and have been making progress at faster rates as we continue to test and analyze Solcial. We have been very proud of the progress we have made on our P2P network which will be crucial in our censorship-resistant future. This P2P network has given us some of our biggest challenges to date. We have needed to innovate, think outside the box, and adapt as well ensure decentralization and censorship resistance. We see now more than ever how big centralized platforms have been uncontrollable and frankly so bureaucratic that change is nearly impossible for them. This is why we need a decentralized, permissionless platform that allows users to govern the future of their social network.

There is still more work to do, but we are excited for Q2 (more on this at the end).

Growing Community

Next, our team spent a lot of energy during this quarter on growing and strengthening the Solcial community. The team at Solcial has always believed that without YOU the community, Solcial is just a dream – but with your support, we can make it a reality.

We knew starting the year that we needed to have a place where we as a community can get together and interact. If we’re being honest, we have always preferred that the Solcial app would be that place, but we also recognized that it might be a few months before we onboarded every possible user.

This is why we began the year by opening our Telegram channel and Discord server.

For those of you who have joined our communities since the beginning – THANK YOU. We have experienced tremendous grassroots growth over all of our social pages and community groups. Our Twitter has gone from only a few thousand followers to over 20,000! Our telegram has over 8,500 members, and our Discord has reached over 6000 members. All of this has been done in only one quarter and without the use of bots or paid user growth. Every member of our community has joined because they want to be a part of Solcial and believe in our shared vision.

The community is the fuel that we need as we build the future of Web3 social networking. We are seeing the potential that Solcial will have and can’t wait to reward you guys for your patience.

Our team spent much of Q1 conducting AMAs, writing and posting blogs, and building our brand. We’ve targeted specific countries and have been laser-focused when it comes to sharing our message and spreading awareness throughout the world.

Another accomplishment we have been proud of is the successful launch of our Solcial Scout program. We initially began accepting applications at the end of January and received over 3,000 applications! Our team has been overwhelmed with the high-quality individuals who have applied and while it is not always perfect, we have onboarded over 300 Scouts so far.

These Scouts have been priceless in building our community online and in local markets. We lean on them to translate our articles, moderate discussions, support our mission and spread the vision to everyone they know. Building a proper organizational structure for this has been a challenge, but some great scouts have stepped up to help make this an easy process.

Next, and what some in the community have been the most excited for, we conducted our TGE this quarter and have had tremendous success with our Solcial native token (SLCL). We decided to launch the token before the platform because of three main reasons:

1. On Solcial, SLCL is needed to buy the tokens of other users. By having SLCL as the fuel for the platform, we wanted to give our community first access to the token so they can begin using Solcial right away and are not pinched for access to the token.

2. Community engagement. Our community like we have said has been loyal and very eager to get more involved in Solcial. We felt by conducting TGE now, then our early adopters can start to hold SLCL right away. This has been proven correct as we have over 5000 unique holders of SLCL who are holding the token on a decentralized wallet, which is regardless of our holders on CEXs like Kucoin at the time of writing this. That means over 5,000 people are supporting our mission and are probable when it comes to using the platform.

3. Help support growth. We know many people will recognize and dig deeper into the mission of Solcial if they can invest and buy the token. By launching our native token, we felt this would give us a better chance at reaching new users, and building communities. This can be seen with the success of our launchpad with Waggle. We gained new followers, active telegram members, and are in a better position to dominate the social media market because of it.

Summary of Q1

Wow! Q1 has been life-changing for us at Solcial. It is one thing to dream of a platform where users are free - free to buy each others tokens, free to interact without permission, and free to have fun again on social media. But, it is a whole new thing to actually see this dream become a reality!

This Quarter we have expanded our testing of both our Solcial application and web-based platform. This has been done internally and is nearing a point where we will expand to trusted advisors and exclusive users. Next, our dev team has been building out our P2P network – this will ensure censorship resistance and is key to platform success.

Our team has also built out a MASSIVE and dedicated army of Solcial believers who want to see the Solcial Revolution become a reality just as much as we do. This has been done through growing our presence on Twitter, engaging communities through AMAs, and launching our Scout Program.

While this is just a quick summary, we know there has been so much done both on the development side and the community growth side. But, with that said, there is still so much more to do…

Q2 Expectations and Goals

If we’ve learned anything since beginning this journey it is to keep expectations at a manageable level. We all wish we could begin using Solcial yesterday, and we would have 1,000,000 users right away, but this is simply not possible. Infact, this is not even our goal as a team.

Solcial is focused on building our community and user base sustainably and organically. We would much rather have 1,000 daily returning users compared to 1,000,000 one-time users. This is why our Q2 goals are centered around continuing our growth and ramping up product expansion.

Within our internal tests, we are seeing that Solcial feels like a mix between a social network and a crypto exchange - a place where we subscribe and invest on each other and add our "Unique value". This has the potential to be something very special, and we want to make sure every user has the chance to join and immediately experience what we feel. This feeling is something we aim to leverage and improve on over this quarter.

Our dev team is confident that in early Q2 we will begin onboarding some of Solcial’s first external users. This will be a slow start, and mainly for us to allow new people to test the product and give us their feedback. We will then make adjustments as needed and grow through our learnings. This might sound like a tedious process, but as a social network, we rely heavily on users to help us improve the product we offer.

Throughout this process, we will continue to build our P2P network and improve on the functionality of features within the Solcial platform.

When it comes to our community our goals remain centered around growth and harvesting the excitement we have built. We know many might be fixated on SLCL and how the price is doing, but we internally are solely focused on the platform and strengthening our vision.

To build our community further, we will need to expand our Scout program, reward some of our loyal community members with access to the platform, and continue to produce content that expresses our vision and updates our community.

If Q2 is anything like Q1 we are going to be in for a wild ride! We can’t wait for all of you to experience Solcial and be rewarded for your patience and belief in the project. Like we have said, the Solcial Revolution would be nothing without you. The community is our greatest strength and something we value especially as we get closer to launch.


The Solcial Team

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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