Shifting Creator Economics: The Next Wave

We’re seeing a shift in the creator economy and it’s happening very quickly. Some of the most prominent creators like MrBeast are realizing they can turn their brands into big businesses. With the recent news of MrBeast seeking to raise around $150 million dollars at a valuation of 1.6 billion, we thought it might be wise to dig deeper into how Solcial is leveraging this shifting in economic operations and how we help creators become better entrepreneurs while still doing what they do best…creating.

Creators are Waking Up to Their Influence

The impact that influencers have on a business is without precedence. Never before have individuals not only had immediate access to millions of people but also, never have they been able to decide what they want to publish and when to publish it. Of course, we would be remiss if we didn’t remind everyone that these platforms, while giving creators the ability to speak to millions, can just as quickly take that away as we have seen countless times. However, when a creator has a mega-large audience we are now seeing big money realize that these creators are not just entertaining, they are influencing vast groups of people. In the case of MrBeast, we are seeing just how lucrative such an audience can be. He has realized that while YouTube monetization is nice, it falls short of his true economic potential. So instead of being reliant on his YouTube income, he is now diversifying into businesses that benefit from the leverage that his brand provides.

This is the future of the modern content creator. In the past, a creator would probably just keep building their audience on youtube and hope for the best. However, given the increasing cases of de-platforming, demonetization, and reductions in revenue shares, creators cannot rely on these platforms. Creators can only rely on their own entrepreneurial skills.

On the other hand, what if the creator economy didn’t require creators to explore alternative revenue streams? What if creators could simply keep creating and leverage their audience in an inclusive way. Build wealth without giving up equity or being forced into selling products to their audience? Solcial changes this – let’s explore how.

MrBeast on Solcial:

Using MrBeast as an example, Solcial is building to empower his brand and his audience to grow both monetarily and through his reach. While MrBeast is currently raising funds to expand his content business and other ventures such as MrBeast Burger, on Solcial he could monetize directly with his audience. Why not let your most loyal fans buy a stake in MrBeast? By having his unique user token on Solcial, MrBeast has the ability to let his fans buy in. Maybe they want to support him, maybe they think his content is going to grow, or maybe they want to say that they hold MrBeast. Regardless of their reasons, if MrBeast decided to monetize through Solcial he wouldn’t be forced to give up equity, creator control, or have to answer to a group of investors. MrBeast would be free to create and grow his business in the way him and his community wants, because he is now economically aligned with his fans.

Any Creator Can Grow on Solcial

Now, the majority of creators are not anywhere near the popularity of MrBeast. Most are scrapping away as they work towards building their own niche. For these creators, they have mainly been reliant on advertising for their revenue. Sadly, they face an even greater risk of demonetization. Unlike massive creators like MrBeast, if small creators are censored little is said and their ability to raise awareness is greatly diminished.

While it might seem like smaller creators have almost no options when it comes to alternatives to monetize, Solcial also provides tokenized solutions for them too. Just as mega creators like MrBeast can monetize through Solcial, so can virtually any creator. It doesn’t matter if you have 1 follower of 1,000,000,000 followers. If someone is willing to buy your token, you can monetize. So in the case of a niche creator, they could immediately monetize on Solcial, bypassing the traditional creator bootstrapping problems (see charts & video below). For example, if they have 200 loyal followers who find value in their content, those 200 followers can buy their token. This generates a market capitalisation for the creator, and if the creator grows, the initial holders benefit as well. To make it more interesting, creators can now give exclusive content to those who hold their tokens. This is done through private tiers set by the creator.

What if You’re Just Starting?

While it might seem like taking advantage of new creator options like minting your own user token on Solcial is limited only to established creators, this is far from the truth. As is explained in this article looking at how Web3 will shape creators, a new creator is actually in the strongest position to benefit from the emergence of Web3 and creator tokens.

web2 vs web3 creator lifecycle

If you are a new creator, aspiring creator, or anyone with a marketable skill, Solcial is where you need to be. By minting and promoting your token you are able to accomplish many different objectives that take traditional Web2 creators years to do.

The first benefit is by selling your creator token – even if you have a small audience – you are creating new supporters that not only enjoy your content (hopefully) but also have financial ownership in your success. This will naturally attract speculators who will purchase your token as a bet on future growth. Given you are a new and emerging creator your token price will be lower and have the potential for greater upside. When you are just starting out this can be an amazing tool to grow your audience and even creates super-fans who will promote you themselves. The reason they might want to promote you is obvious, they financially gain from your success.

The second advantage new creators have by using Solcial to grow their audience is the financial benefit from selling their tokens at an early stage. Just like any business, capital can be strategically used by creators to help them produce more content, grow and enhance the quality of the content, and in turn, reach more people. The Web2 model has meant that you need to first establish the audience and then monetize off of them. On Solcial you can flip this and monetize instantly. By doing so you can then grow your audience and monetize even more.

For new creators, this changes what has previously been possible on content-sharing platforms. Instead of needing to produce free and monetizable content, creators have the option to grow an audience by giving new utility and monetizing through this audience (hence growing the production quality).  

Earning Online Shouldn’t Have Gatekeepers

When it comes to earning online, the only gatekeepers should be the audiences that consume the content. On platforms like youtube, they give certain topics higher rankings for potential ad revenue. This might mean a finance-related video can earn $100 with only tens of thousands of views, while a travel video will need millions of views to reach that same marker. This is due to advertisers looking to promote more products to certain audiences compared to others.

On Solcial we let the audience decide the value. If the creator makes something that their audience likes, then they earn. Unlike Web2 platforms, we are not looking to mine users' attention, but instead, democratize their value. If a travel vlogger has an audience that believes in them and finds value, then let them decide directly how much that is worth. We remove the power of the centralized platform and give it solely to the creator and their audience. This means creators need to work with their audience and build value. The incentive shouldn’t be to create long videos to generate ad revenue, but instead create valuable videos that are rewarded through generating token investment.

Creators are the Platform

Like we said at the beginning of this post, creators are the platform. They are waking up to their reach, and soon will be able to unlock their potential. There shouldn’t be gatekeepers who simply provide the means of sharing content, yet keep a majority of the profit while maintaining the ability to exclude those that they wish. On Solcial the creator has the ability to unlock their most powerful resource – their audience. Just as MrBeast has done through his content and other business ventures. Except on Solcial, he can monetize alongside his audience, not be forced to explore venture-backed alternatives (or alternatively raise funds via your audience on Solcial).

Get ready, Solcial is coming.

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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