Kudelski Security Completes Comprehensive Audit of Solcial, Enhancing Trust in Web 3 Social Network

Kudelski Security, a renowned cybersecurity firm (and the security firm that first audited the Solana blockchain itself), recently finalized its thorough audit of Solcial, a cutting-edge social network built on the Solana blockchain. This comprehensive audit underscores Solcial's commitment to providing a secure and reliable platform for its users, ensuring they can engage and transact without fear of losing their funds.

Audit Overview:
The audit by Kudelski Security focused on validating the security and integrity of Solcial's platform. Key areas scrutinized include:

  1. Smart Contracts: Every smart contract on Solcial was meticulously examined to ensure robust security measures against potential vulnerabilities.
  2. Staking Mechanisms: Special attention was given to the code related to staking on Solcial, a critical component for user engagement and reward distribution.
  3. Swap Component: The platform's swap functionalities underwent rigorous testing, ensuring secure and seamless transactions for users.
  4. Overall Code and Architecture: Beyond specific components, the audit encompassed a holistic review of Solcial’s entire codebase and architectural design.

Audit Objectives and Phases:
The main objectives of the audit were to:

  • Provide a threat modeling and secure coding workshop.
  • Conduct a source code audit, focusing on potential vulnerabilities.
  • Perform an architecture review to validate specifications and identify potential security risks.
  • Ensure the secure implementation of critical components.

The audit was executed in five distinct phases:

  1. Information Gathering & Ramp-Up: Initial review of documentation and code features.
  2. Threat Model & Secure Coding Workshop: Collaborative effort with the Solcial team to identify potential threats and secure coding practices.
  3. Architecture Review: Validation of the platform’s architecture against documented specifications.
  4. Source Code Audit: Detailed examination of critical and non-critical components of Solcial’s codebase.
  5. Final Reporting: Comprehensive report outlining findings, recommendations, and feedback on the security integrity of Solcial.

Significance for Users:
The successful completion of this audit is a significant milestone for Solcial. Users of the platform can now engage with enhanced confidence, knowing that the platform has undergone a rigorous security evaluation. The audit not only ensures the safety of funds but also boosts the overall reliability and credibility of Solcial in the burgeoning Web 3 space.

Future Implications:
This audit sets a precedent for security and trust in decentralized social platforms. Solcial's proactive approach to security, demonstrated by engaging Kudelski Security for a comprehensive audit, reflects their dedication to providing a secure environment for their users. It also signals to the industry the importance of prioritizing security in the development and maintenance of blockchain-based platforms.

Kudelski Security’s audit of Solcial marks a pivotal step in the advancement of secure and trustworthy social networking in the Web 3 era. By rigorously assessing and enhancing the security measures of its platform, Solcial is paving the way for a safer, more reliable digital social experience.

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social media platform that prioritizes user privacy, data ownership, and democratic content curation. The user content is decentralised on IPFS and on Solcial every user have their own tokens. People can invest into each other, and can also post private content that only their token holders can access.
Users not only share and connect but also earn through the platform's unique tokenization model. Join today at https://solcial.io

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