Solcial: Building a Fairer Attention Economy

Some of you might be asking, “Why even build Solcial? Sure, current social media platforms suck, but whatever. Censorship doesn’t affect me, maybe I’ll monetize in the future, and I don’t care about privacy, I only look at memes anyways.”

Well, let us explore the different aspects of social media that highlight the need for a change in structure and approach and look at how and why something like Solcial is so necessary for 2022 and beyond.

Censorship has been growing in all corners of the internet

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook along with others have been censoring content that might be too political, too controversial, or simply too different from the opinions of big tech overlords. While even content around crypto has been falling victim to censorship it is possible you might not be feeling the effect yet. What we’re seeing with censorship is just the beginning, and is alarming for the future of free speech on the internet.

Solcial = uncensorable social media

Solcial levels the playing field for content creators worldwide and enables you to earn the money you bring to the platform. Current social media platforms continue to pretend your content is worthless; we know the true value of user content and with Solcial, you can create and earn as soon as you join.

By building Solcial on a P2P layer secured by the Solana blockchain we are, by design, unable to censor content; if you post something it can remain hosted forever as long as someone, somewhere think this content is important, and cannot be deleted or cancelled by any other party or authority. Although we do have policies in place to prevent illegal and egregious content, no dictator or government body will be allowed to bully Solcial into censoring someone’s content.

Make monetizing great again

Now let’s also take a look at your monetary value. You might not be an influencer, heck you might not even post frequently, but let us tell you this… social media platforms make money off of your content and your attention every day.

You bring value and, sadly, this value goes in the pockets of social media giants. You don’t see a penny of it.

Now you might be asking “ok but how much can I actually earn?”

Well, that answer is up to you, but Solcial is focused and dedicated to helping you find new ways to monetize, build your community, and have fun. We’re excited to share more on some of the different ways you can monetize as we get closer to launch.

Social media and privacy should not be mutually exclusive

Finally, let’s take a look at your internet privacy.

Have you ever searched something and then it magically appears in your social network feed? By now we can safely say that all of us have likely had that experience and it feels kind of weird to have that happen.

Your phone when you say you want to buy something

It’s amazing to think that so many of us have willingly given up our internet privacy so freely; some don’t mind, some think it is limited, but an increasing amount of people are seeing the robbery that is happening in plain sight. On top of not having control of our data on current social media platforms, we see on almost a monthly basis some leaks by some platforms that do not value our privacy. This needs to end. Users need to be given control of their data.

Solcial is building a platform that values your privacy and gives you control of your data. We do not keep, store, or sell any of your data. With Web3 we can fix problems and build a future where you are in control.

About Solcial

Solcial is a decentralised social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

Get in Touch

Email: [email protected]

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