Solcial Weekly Dev Update - 07/02/23

This week we made significant changes to UI, Discovery, User Feeds, and more! Read about it below

The development team at Solcial has kept the momentum since our last update one week ago. This week we brought completely revamped and highly requested changes to the User Feed and Discovery section to help make user engagement and discovery more simple and easy. If you want to see the updates directly on Solcial click here.

Before we get into the details, have you joined Solcial yet? If no - signup here. If yes - reply with your username so we can make sure we’re following you!

Also, if you want more info and to connect with the team to discuss how progress is going, please join our AMA directly on Solcial this Wednesday (08 Feb) at 6pm CET on Solcial Daily.

Discovery Feed Changes

One of the primary changes we made this past week was the addition of filters on the Discovery Feed and My Feed sections. This allows for post sorting, better user discovery, and content engagement. Additionally, we made adjustments to the URL structure for the Discovery and My Feed sections of the platform.

SEO improvements


This leads to improvements done with SEO and indexing. We have changed the format so post and comment URLs now include the usernames of people who posted (ex. and the user profile URL links are now only structured with only the username ( This change makes it more simple to share, and discover other users and their content. Optimizations like this are key to long-term growth and ensuring the social network is in line with Web2 standards but Web3 abilities.


Some smaller but not insignificant changes that were made include:

  1. Renaming of the Tier 2 posts option to "Visible only to current subscribers" and setting it to be disabled by default. This allows users to post by default private content that is then purchasable by anyone. Once the Tier 2 content is purchased then the post will decrypt and the user will have access to it. This allows for better Tier 2 promotion and overall awareness.
  2. Ability to send tokens to users by simply typing their username in your wallet on Solcial (much easier for new crypto users). Also, we added a copy button next to every user's wallet address.
  3. Reorganize the Privacy and Security settings.
  4. Fixed and improved the subscription success screen on mobile.
  5. Removed the “Top Losers” section as we found users did not find it enjoyable (users can still find “good deals” on the Leaderboard section by sorting by lowest percentage change).
  6. Other minor changes that improve functionality and user experience.
You can now send tokens to any username, or to a normal publickey (Solana address)

As you can tell, we try and push enhancements and user requests almost daily, so if you use Solcial and have feedback, please let us know! Solcial is nothing without its community and fundamentally we want the platform to be shaped by the community.

If you have questions, please join our AMA as previously mentioned, and till next time - see you on Solcial!

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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Email: [email protected]

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