Join the Solcial Image Design Contest: A Creative Challenge for AI Enthusiasts

We're excited to begin our next contest on Solcial! So far we've had a lot of fun with our treasure hunts, article contests, and trading giveaways. This time we want you to show your creative visual side!

Contest Task:

Create a unique image using AI tools, based on any of the following themes:

  • Revolutionary
  • Weird Combinations
  • History remade through AI

Submission Guidelines:

To enter the contest, follow these steps:

  1. Generate your unique AI image(s)
  2. Post your image(s) on Solcial
  3. Comment on this post with a link to your post on Solcial with your image, and the entry theme you're participating in to be officially entered.

Please note that each user is eligible for one entry per category, with a maximum of three entries per user. Also, ensure that your account is active to participate.

Prize Categories:

The Solcial team will select 3 winners for each category. The prize for each winner will be 3000 SLCL!

Contest Evaluation Criteria:

To ensure that the winners are selected based on merit, we will evaluate each entry based on the following factors:

  1. Quality of the image
  2. Originality and uniqueness of the idea
  3. Number of upvotes and community engagement


To participate in the contest, kindly adhere to the following rules:

  1. Your account must be active (have an avatar, bio on your profile, follow at least 10 people, and post once every 3 days).
  2. Your image should be original and not copied from somewhere else.
  3. You can make one submission per theme and the submission post can contain multiple images or just one image.  
  • We reserve the right to alter the rules should they need to be changed.

Contest Timeline:

The contest starts on April 20th and ends on May 4th at 8pm CET. Make sure to submit your entry before the deadline and stand a chance to win!

That's it - now get started creating and good luck!

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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