Introducing Solcial's Social-to-Earn Mining Program: Revolutionizing Social Media Engagement

In today's fast-paced digital world, social media has become an essential part of our lives. As the Web3 ecosystem evolves, new opportunities for users to benefit from their online activities have emerged. Solcial is proud to introduce its innovative Social-to-Earn Mining Program, which rewards users for their engagement and contributions to the platform. In this blog post, we'll explore the details of this exciting program and explain how you can stake SLCL tokens to earn more while being an active part of the Solcial community.

What is Solcial's Social-to-Earn Mining Program?

Solcial's Social-to-Earn (S2E) Program is a unique rewards system designed to incentivize users for their active participation on the platform. By staking SLCL tokens, users can earn additional SLCL through various activities such as posting content, receiving upvotes, and gaining followers. The more active a user is, the higher their yield will be, effectively transforming social media engagement into a rewarding experience.

How Does It Work?

To participate in the Social-to-Earn Mining Program, users need to follow these simple steps:

1. Acquire SLCL Tokens: First, users need to acquire SLCL tokens, which can be purchased on various cryptocurrency exchanges (Kucoin, Raydium, Orca) or via the Solcial platform:

2. Stake SLCL Tokens: Once users have SLCL tokens in their wallets, they can stake them on their Solcial Staking dashboard (see below):
Staking involves locking up a specific amount of SLCL tokens for a predefined period (30 days minimum), enabling users to participate in the Social-to-Earn Mining Program.

3. Engage and Earn: With SLCL tokens staked, users can start earning rewards by actively participating in the Solcial community. The more users engage by trading, posting content, receiving upvotes, and gaining followers, the higher their APY (annual percent yield) will be. Users can track their earnings and progress on their Solcial dashboard directly.
The exact methodology for computing rewards will remain private (to avoid people trying to game the system), but keep in mind that high quality engagement, as well as inviting friends and trading is well rewarded.

4. Claim, Restake or Unstake your Rewards: Every day (24 hours after performing some actions on the platform), users can claim their earned rewards (and if they don't claim their rewards for a particular day, these rewards are lost, so remember to come to Solcial every day to post content, engage with others and to claim). The earned SLCL tokens can be used for various purposes within the Solcial ecosystem, such as subscribing to users, boosting posts, or simply investing in other users for future appreciation. And at the end of each staking period (30 days), users can unstake their SLCL tokens if they wish to

Why Join Solcial's Social-to-Earn Mining Program?

There are several compelling reasons to participate in the Social-to-Earn Mining Program:

  1. Incentivized Engagement: Solcial's Social-to-Earn Mining Program rewards users for their active participation on the platform, effectively turning their social media activities into a fruitful endeavor.
  2. Strengthen the Solcial Ecosystem: By staking SLCL tokens and actively engaging with the community, users contribute to the overall growth and success of the Solcial ecosystem, benefiting all participants in the long run.
  3. Foster Meaningful Connections: The Social-to-Earn Mining Program encourages users to create valuable content, engage in meaningful discussions, and build strong connections with other members of the community.
  4. Financial Rewards: By participating in the Social-to-Earn Mining Program, users can earn additional SLCL tokens, which have the potential for future appreciation as the Solcial platform continues to grow and expand.


Solcial's Social-to-Earn Mining Program is a revolutionary approach to social media engagement that rewards users for their active participation on the platform. By staking SLCL tokens and contributing to the Solcial community, users can enjoy both the social and financial benefits of this innovative rewards system. Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to revolutionize your social media experience and join Solcial's Social-to-Earn Mining Program today!

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social media platform that prioritizes user privacy, data ownership, and democratic content curation. The user content is decentralised on IPFS and on Solcial every user have their own tokens. People can invest into each other, and can also post private content that only their token holders can access.
Users not only share and connect but also earn through the platform's unique tokenization model. Join today at

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