Solcial Weekly Dev Update - 30/01/23

30th January 2023

Hello Solcial email subscribers! First off - if you haven’t joined Solcial yet, you probably should:
We have a lot going on and the community is starting to take shape!

As a team that prides itself on listening to users and shipping frequent updates and platform iterations, we list out every week what updates have been made. To see the original post on Solcial click below:

Since this is the first email development update you might want to go through the history of updates we’ve given directly on Solcial. These updates have been going on since day 1 when we only had 100 users. Now, we have over 2,800 users with more coming every day!

Development Updates on Solcial:

This week we were excited to officially deploy the polling feature on Solcial. This allows users to create their own polls and hear from their friends on topics they care about. This highly requested addition to the functionality of Solcial should help bring more interesting topics, allow people to express their opinions, and build community. To create your own poll all you need to do is select it when posting and then add the question, answers, and time limit for the poll. Unlike some other platforms, we let users change their answers as much as they wish until the time limit expires (the time limit is not displayed)

Tier 2

Next, we added the ability to see when a creator posts on their Tier 2 feed and have the ability to buy their token to decrypt and view the post. Previously you would only be able to see that a creator posted on their Tier 2 if you were already subscribed. We quickly learned this was not optimal as creators would need to find new ways to advertise when they post and this was not allowing for optimal creator functionality. Also prior to this upgrade shipping if you purchased a creator's token and subscribed to their Tier 2 you could only see future Tier 2 posts - not previous ones. This update changes this and gives the creator the option to make posts available as desired. This feature is available as an opt-in for creators meaning, if they do not want to give access to posts for those who only buy their token in the future, they do not have to.

New Menus

We’ve rearranged some of the key pages users land on when they login to search for new creators. First, we moved content-specific sections onto the feed page and token-related information onto the explore page. This keeps the UI clear and allows users to determine their preferred experience better.

Next we also added various filters to allow for more optionality around content curation. The fundamental philosophy for these changes is to allow for more users to do what they love - either find and engage with more content or analyze and invest in new creators while tracking the tokens of others.

Cleaner Onboarding

After receiving some user feedback on the onboarding process (especially for non-crypto native users) we felt there were some changes to the flow that could be made. We hope this new process is more clear, and simple for those looking to join Solcial. If you haven’t joined yet, try this new process out for yourself and let us know your experience.

As a team, we’re trying to make sure Solcial is the type of Web3 platform that fulfills its promises and ships new features as requested by the community. If you want to learn more and try Solcial for yourself, please feel free to create an account at After you have signed up, if you have any suggestions or ways you think Solcial could become even better, please let us know!

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

Get in Touch

Email: [email protected]

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