This week on Solcial - Jan 23

This week in Solcial has seen some significant growth in terms of content and the number of active users. The platform itself grew with some of the newest and most unique creators joining like celebrity makeup artist Samira Olfat

celebrity makeup artist Samira Olfat recently joined Solcial showing us how more content creators are looking for alternatives to Web2 social networks!

activist Ilia, and even projects like Cross the Ages creating profiles.

Cross The Ages (@CrossTheAges) on Solcial
Cross The Ages (@CrossTheAges) on Solcial

In terms of posts, we have seen some great art, funny memes, unique opinions, and wonderful input from the community. Here are some highlights below:

Art on Solcial

Throughout the week there have been some amazing art both digitally created and done through photography.

BOOYAH (@BOOYAH) on Solcial
BOOYAH (@BOOYAH) on Solcial
Check out Booyah on Solcial for some great Midjourney artwork

Booyah is a user who has shared many works that are made with Midjourney. A few fantastic posts from this week were

BOOYAH (@BOOYAH) on Solcial
BOOYAH (@BOOYAH) on Solcial

and many Tier 2 posts which you must own his token to access. Great job Booyah, keep sharing your creations.

Next, we had share the following digital creations:

Marta Angels (@bvdvssvrt) on Solcial
shhh 🤫
Marta Angels (@bvdvssvrt) on Solcial
hold me tight

We also had some great photography posts this week. Mainly we’ve seen the rise of sharing photos taken across Winnipeg and the surrounding regions. Her ability to capture landscapes with such dramatic scenes is something special and is on full display on Solcial with her posts below:

Diane Photography (@dianephotography) on Solcial
#downtownwinnipeg #winnipeg #travelmanitoba #sunrise
Diane Photography (@dianephotography) on Solcial
Rainy afternoon in #Winnipeg #rain

Cool People Making Cool Posts on Solcial

We’ve seen lots of great new influencers and cool posts coming every day. Some of the musical talents on Solcial shared their creations, and ways to listen to them with their audience

Tobias (@TobiasRauscher) on Solcial Hello 👋
One musical creator on Solcial is Tobias. Give him a listen!

We also had the Solcial community getting to know each other with a terrific post by Samira Olfat:

You guys, lets create a community that we know each other, please answer 3 question in the comment section.1.Where are you From? I’m Iranian2.where do you live ? Living in Dubai3. What do you do? Beauty Entrepreneur

Funny Memes

Users are always posting funny and uniquely thought-out memes on Solcial. To name a few that made us laugh we can focus first on ReenCHN posting a meme about Bitcoin and the run it has been on for the past few days.

ReenCHN (@ReenN) on Solcial
Slippery at the top, one step back🔥

Next, we have a very funny meme shared by Memer, an account that is dedicated to memes.

No half pleasures (@memer) on Solcial
Solid advice

Overall Social Network Updates

On Solcial we are committed to shipping weekly (sometimes more than that) updates and improvements. One new feature we added this week was the verification badge. As more influencers and content creators join the platform we want to give them a way to verify they are the creator they claim to be. We know content creators are looking for Twitter and Instagram alternatives in 2023 so we want to provide them with a welcoming platform to grow with confidence.
If you want to see more updates and interact with the team, check out the main Solcial profile on the platform:

Solcial (@solcial) on Solcial
Solcial (@solcial) on Solcial

If you're on Solcial and want to be featured on our blogs in the future, make a post and tag our profile so we make sure we don't miss you!

For those who haven't joined yet - check out Solcial at

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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