This Week on Solcial: January 28

Another terrific week is in the books for Solcial. We’re happy to have seen more users join, more posts created and more tokens purchased. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest things that happened on Solcial this week.

Friendly Competition Between Creators

First, we had some interesting creator competition between Ericzoo and NotsoFast around who could have the highest market cap. This competition meant some cool posts on Solcial and some posts on Twitter trying to convenience their audience to join them:

notsofast (@notsofast) on Solcial
subscribe to my Tier 2 for moar of this
ericzoo (@ericzoo) on Solcial
Holding my ECS token is an automatic follow!

This was one of the first friendly competitions between creators for the top spot of token creators. The result was a pump in their token price and a lot of fun for Solcial users!

More Musicians

This week saw some really cool musicians join Solcial and begin sharing their creations with the community. Some examples could be finger guitarists who traditionally would share their work on YouTube instead, sharing content on Solcial and offering insights with their Tier 2:

Eiro Nareth (@eiro_nareth) on Solcial

Most Upvoted for the month of January

With January being such a busy and important month for Solcial in terms of user growth, content, and feature deployment, we were happy to see which posts were the most upvoted so far this month

Solcial Daily (@SolcialDaily) on Solcial
Here are some of the top most upvoted posts from the month of January! @samiraolfat @giangblue @ilia

Here we see some of Solcial’s influencers sharing their cool content and the community responding!

Art on Solcial

As always we had a lot of beautiful art shared on Solcial this week. One of the best pieces we shared the user named Kendra34 when they share this piece

Kendra34 (@Kendraphill34) on Solcial
IS KNOWLEDGE REALLY POWER? I grew up to hear the saying that “Knowledge is power” as a matter of fact it was the motto of my high school. With time and life experiences I have come to understand that knowledge is not power. Knowledge is merely a potential power in my own opinion. The effective app…

Of course, there were several other great examples to choose from, but this post gained solid attention from the community and Solcial Daily even recognized the user for how they stood out.  

Happy Chinese New Year from Solcial

To end the week's top posts we see Solcial showing off the new video function by wishing everyone celebrating Chinese New Year a happy and safe celebration. If you celebrated, we hope you had a terrific new year!

Solcial (@solcial) on Solcial
Happy Chinese New Year 2023 everyone! May the Year of he Rabbit bring you all Peace, Hope, Abundance and Prosperity 🎊🎊🎊 🐰

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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