Trading Groups on Solcial: What to Expect

In our What to Expect series, we have covered what NFT projects and creators/influencers can expect on Solcial. This has included ways they can monetize their audience, grow their community, and use the platform to create superfans who not only see them grow from the sidelines but can now join them on their journey and earn along with them.

Now, let’s look at trading groups and how Solcial might be used for monetization and community growth by them. These might be trading groups that are just starting out, or ones that have large communities built on platforms like Telegram or Discord. We believe Solcial is strongly suited for these groups and can provide more opportunities and growth both for the monetary benefit of the traders, but also for the new members who make these groups a success.

How Signal Groups can Benefit

Imagine you didn’t just have to join a trading group, maybe pay a monthly fee and gain the insight you want, but instead, you could now join a group and invest in its success. Yes, you can still gain insight and trading tips, but what if you could also gain financial rewards if the group grows and outperforms other groups? Surely you would want to help spread this group as it not only benefits you but also helps the people you refer. This is where Solcial can help trading groups. Whether you’re a group admin/founder or a user, you can benefit on Solcial.


If you have a trading group on Solcial then the ability to tier your content will become one of your most effective ways to grow and monetize your trading insights. On Solcial you can post free tier 1 – this is public content that is available to everyone and does not require tokens to be held. This might be promotional content or simply content you release to try and gain attraction for your second and third tiers.

Next, you have your Tier 2 & 3 options. Here you can set a minimum token requirement for access to these feeds. In the case of trading groups, you might give some exclusive information to only those on these tiers. What makes this option so valuable is the fact that your community can buy your tokens and invest in your community. By buying the tokens they have the chance to earn (if the token goes up in value) and can still have access to the exclusive information that you provide in your group. As was said earlier in the article, they can also refer their friends and this will grow your group's market cap as well.

Token Price and Investment

This takes us to the possibility that your audience will want to invest in the group as a whole. Maybe they think your trading calls will gain more attention in the future. In this case, users might want to hold a large number of your tokens with the hopes of selling them later for a higher price. Additionally, they might want to invest if they see your group as just beginning and needing some capital to advertise or simply gain a following. In these cases you as an admin of a group will earn, and so will your followers.

Exclusivity & Token Growth

When you combine the exclusivity of tiered content with the financial incentives of token investment, you have an addictive and possibly lucrative combination. On Solcial, we are without any doubt focused on creators, NFTs, trading groups…really any user providing value over clickbait content. We want users to feel fulfilled and happy they came and consumed your content. We believe only a tokenized system allows for this.

To build on this value, we think selling tokens to your trading group provides new incentives for your audience to try and share your success and promote you to their social circles. This is because they can earn along with you.

Here we see how Solcial has the potential to provide value to trading groups and promote their success to the masses.

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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