Peer-to-Peer Direct Messaging on Solcial: A Decentralized Approach to Interpersonal Communication


This blog post presents an overview of Solcial's revolutionary Direct Message (DM) feature, emphasizing its decentralized nature, end-to-end encryption, and user-centric data ownership. Solcial leverages the IPFS network and Solana blockchain to ensure secure and private messaging while empowering users to retain control over their own data. The concept of "PrivateLog" further decentralizes the messaging system, providing users with full ownership of their data. Additionally, the implementation of Gossipsub and Messaging Layer Security (MLS) will enable scalability and enhanced group messaging capabilities. This post delves into the technical aspects of these features, highlighting the advantages they offer in terms of security, scalability, and data sovereignty.


Solcial's DM feature introduces a paradigm shift in the world of communication platforms. Each user is uniquely identified by their IPNS address, derived directly from their Solana wallet. Messages are encrypted within the user's browser, transmitted through the IPFS network, and relayed across various nodes. The recipient retrieves the messages using their IPNS address and decrypts them using their Solana wallet signature, ensuring end-to-end encryption and secure message transmission.

The Mechanism of Decentralized Messaging

The mechanism of Solcial's DM hinges on the innovative integration of several technologies, including IPFS, IPNS, and Gossipsub. The system encrypts messages on the user's local browser before transmitting them via the IPFS network, which routes the encrypted messages through several nodes. The recipient subsequently listens to the IPFS network through various nodes to receive messages addressed to their IPNS address using Gossipsub, a publish/subscribe protocol.

Gossipsub's role in this system is vital for message propagation and handling. It operates on the basis of 'gossip,' where nodes randomly select a few other nodes and send them their message information. The selected nodes then repeat the process, rapidly disseminating the message across the network. By ensuring quick and robust propagation, Gossipsub mitigates common issues associated with network instability and node failures, and enables seamless communication between users while maintaining data integrity and security.

End-to-End Encryption and Decentralization

The defining advantages of Solcial's DM feature are its end-to-end encryption and decentralization. Unlike traditional messaging systems that rely on central servers, the Solcial DM system leverages the decentralized IPFS network. This approach removes the necessity of trust in a central authority and ensures that messages remain private, accessible only by the sender and the intended recipient.

Scalability: The Messaging Layer Security (MLS) Approach

Scalability, a paramount concern in communication systems, is addressed in Solcial's DM feature through the integration of Messaging Layer Security (MLS). Unlike conventional encryption methods that cap group DMs at a maximum number of around 100 users, MLS can accommodate group DMs with hundreds of thousands of users. This leap in scalability is achieved through a continuous group key agreement protocol where updates to the group's key are made independently by members and securely propagated to the group.

PrivateLog: A Unique Feature of Solcial

A distinctive element of Solcial's DM feature is the "PrivateLog", used to increase the decentralization and ownership of user data within the DM feature. In this design, users write encrypted messages to their personal 'outbox' inside a private log and notify the recipient of new messages via pubsub events. To read the messages, the recipient merges their private log with the sender's outbox log, effectively reconstructing the conversation without requiring a central server. Each user retains ownership of their data, by distributing encrypted payloads across the IPFS network, ensuring message persistence and retrieval efficiency through multiple node relays and IPFS pinning service providers.

IPFS: InterPlanetary File System

The InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) is a protocol designed to create a permanent and decentralized method of storing and sharing data. In contrast to traditional file-sharing methods, IPFS uses a distributed file system that connects all computing devices with the same system of files, minimizing the potential for data loss and ensuring optimal data availability.

Future Directions

The future development of Solcial's DM feature includes enabling multiple Solana wallets to share a single IPNS key with distinct signatures. This capability would allow users to send DMs from different devices, such as desktops or mobile phones, by recovering the encryption key and IPNS publication and signing the messages with the corresponding Solana wallet. This multi-device support enhances user flexibility and convenience while maintaining the underlying security and ownership principles.


Solcial's DM feature represents a groundbreaking advancement in secure, decentralized communication. Through the integration of IPFS, Solana, Gossipsub, MLS, and the concept of PrivateLog, Solcial delivers a messaging platform that ensures end-to-end encryption, data ownership, scalability, and resilience. By leveraging these technologies, Solcial offers users a trustworthy and privacy-focused messaging experience, establishing a new standard for secure and ownership-centric communication platforms.

Comparative Analysis: Solcial DM vs. Existing Messaging Platforms

While assessing Solcial's DM feature in relation to established messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Keybase, WeChat, and Discord, distinct differences surface, highlighting the unique advantages and potential limitations inherent to its design.

1. Advantages of Solcial DM


Unlike centralized platforms such as WhatsApp, WeChat, and Discord, which rely on servers for message relay and storage, Solcial's DM feature employs a decentralized model using IPFS and IPNS. This ensures no single point of failure or control, enhancing privacy and data integrity.


Solcial outperforms platforms like Signal in scalability due to its implementation of Messaging Layer Security (MLS), which allows group conversations to scale up to hundreds of thousands of users. This contrasts with Signal's double ratchet encryption which supports a maximum of 100 users in group chats.

End-to-end Encryption:

While platforms like WhatsApp and Signal also offer end-to-end encryption, Solcial augments this feature by providing users with a unique "PrivateLog" functionality. Users write encrypted messages to their own private logs, and distribute their data themselves via the IPFS network, truly embodying data ownership.


Unlike most traditional platforms, Solcial plans to enable multiple devices sharing the same IPNS key but signing with different Solana wallets. This will facilitate seamless messaging across devices while maintaining secure encryption.

2. Potential Limitations of Solcial DM


Given its advanced decentralized technology, new users to Solcial might initially find its interface and functionality less intuitive compared to the straightforward design of platforms like WhatsApp or WeChat.

Dependence on Solana Wallet:

Solcial's DM feature requires a Solana wallet for login and key derivation. This dependence may present a barrier for users unfamiliar with blockchain wallets.

3. Conclusion

In conclusion, Solcial's DM offers a groundbreaking approach to messaging by focusing on decentralization, scalability, and user data ownership. Although facing challenges typical for any new technology, it presents promising potentials that can redefine the way we perceive and own our digital communication.

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