Why UpComing Creators Might Not Want To Build on YouTube

YouTube has long been a platform for creators to share their content with the world, but it has also been a source of frustration for many of those same creators. There are several reasons why YouTube can be a difficult platform for creators to navigate and succeed on.

One major issue is the algorithm that determines which videos are recommended to viewers. This algorithm is constantly changing and can be difficult for creators to understand and predict. As a result, many creators have reported fluctuations in their views and engagement, leading to inconsistency in their income. Furthermore, by implementing such a convoluted and addiction optimized algorithm, YouTube attempts to incentivize creators to make content that is built more for addiction and not for value. This harms the creator process and turns what might be an innocent content creator into a rigid pusher of addiction.    

Another problem is the lack of transparency from YouTube when it comes to their policies and decisions. Creators have reported being demonetized or having their videos removed without clear explanations or warnings. This can be frustrating and financially damaging for creators who rely on the platform for income. To put it simply, no centralized group of individuals should be able to randomly and without clear reasons ban or demonetize creators.

In addition, YouTube has faced criticism for not doing enough to protect creators from copyright violations and plagiarism. Many creators have reported that their content has been stolen or used without permission, leading to lost revenue and damage to their reputation.

Another issue is the growing competition on the platform. With the proliferation of content, it can be difficult for creators to get noticed and gain a following. This can be especially difficult for smaller creators who may not have the resources or the network to promote their content effectively. This is especially difficult when considering the growth model for new creators is one where they need to produce content fro prolonged periods without being able to offer anything besides their content to their initial audience base. What if creators could instead offer them a stake in their success?

Overall, YouTube can be a challenging platform for creators to navigate. While it has the potential to reach a wide audience and generate income, it can also be unpredictable and unsupportive of its creators. It is important for creators to think twice about their best interests and look for alternative ways to grow their businesses. The future generation of creators will be supported by their audience, not some cooperation.  

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