You’re Worth More Than You Think

On Solcial, you have the chance to have your own market cap! Now you can earn according to your value-add.

Let’s talk about your value, your economic value.

What you bring to the world, and what the world is willing to pay you for it.

Like everyone, you were born with some pros and cons, and you’ve been living your life building interests and passions that have led you to develop some more pros: your expertise, your talent, your value-add.

These talents have an economic value, that’s why companies are willing to pay you a salary every month, to tap into your value add.

And this “value add” can be very broad, here are some examples:

  1. You’re smart or insightful, and people are interested in your thoughts and in learning from you (whatever industry you’re in), to discover new opportunities 🤓
  2. You’re hot and beautiful, and people are simply interested in looking at you, your photos or videos, it makes them feel warm inside 😝 (I’m not talking about porn, but the whole marketing industry is built around attractiveness, and this is a big economy)
  3. You’re kind or funny, and reading your posts makes people smile and brighten their days. 🙂 That’s also valuable economically, many people or companies would need a Chief Kindness Officer to boost the morale (and the productivity) of everyone

So far, the only way to monetise these talents, or these “value-adds” is by getting jobs utilising these talents or gifts, that pay you regularly, as an employee.

Now, what if the employee could become a business directly, with its own market cap?

That’s what Solcial is about. Instead of accumulating followers or karma, this web3 (a.k.a. crypto) social network lets you have your own token, with your own price and your own market cap.

Now YOU can have your own Market Cap

The user tokens

On Solcial, each user has 1 million tokens.

John Doe signs up and gets 1 million freshly minted JOHNDOE tokens. They’re his and he can do what the hell he wants with them. Sell them, hodl them, gift them, it’s up to him. They represent in a way, his “Social equity”.

Though most entrepreneurs would only want to sell a small chunk of equity to early investors, keeping the bigger part of their equity pie for later when the price has increased, so John Doe might do the same.

By buying the tokens of someone, not only do you invest in them, but you also subscribe to their private content, that only token holders can see.

The subscriptions

Anyone can follow others for free (Tier 1 subscription), like on Instagram, Twitter, etc.

But you can also follow others for their premium content when you hold their token.

For example, as a crypto trader I can offer the following subscriptions:

  • Tier 2 subscription: Any holder of 10 of my token will receive all my weekly analysis
  • Tier 3 subscription: Any holder of 20 of my token will receive all my trading calls

Therefore anyone holding my token is not only an investor in my “social equity”, but effectively a subscriber to the content (the value add) I have to share.

This opens infinite possibilities, like:

  • companies can offer premium access to some content or discount at stores to their token holders
  • artists can offer exclusive access or limited edition NFTs to their token holders
  • opinion leaders can offer their newsletter or thoughts to their token holders
  • erotic stars can offer their shows only to the viewers holding their tokens
  • any influencer can monetise their audience via their market capitalization
  • any blogger can monetise their content
  • anyone can turn themselves into a business (with their own market cap) where their customers are their investors
Anyone can turn themselves into a business (with their own market cap) where their customers are their investors

The more people hear about you, the more potential buyers come for your token, and the more your token price and your market cap increase.

Inversely, the more you post value-less content and deceive your followers/investors, the more they’re likely to sell your token. Your reputation is everything.

Your reputation is everything

As you know we live in a speculative world, where company valuations aren’t necessarily related to the cash flow they produce, or to their future plans. But rather to what people think a company is worth, for whatever speculative reasons, even rumours. And that’s fine, that’s how financial markets operate. It’s the collective mind that decides what something is worth. If DogeCoin should be valued higher than Bitcoin, then so be it.

So even if you post high-quality content, and deliver it to your subscribers, your token price could decrease, people could sell for any reason. Because they’re pissed you mention something they don’t like, or just because they need some cash. And that’s alright because your token can also increase in value for any reason, even if you don’t provide any value to your subscribers, if people like you enough, they can buy your token for that very reason “cause they like you”, and your social value will reflect that.

But over the long term, the quality of your content (your value add) should be reflected in your market capitalization. So just be yourself.

On Solcial, you don’t just buy the token of someone for the sake of it. You can though, but to bring more value, and be less “purely-speculative” the platform allows people to offer subscriptions to their investors.

The future on Solcial will show exactly what you're worth on the internet. Historically the big tech companies have tried to trick us into thinking our value is next to nothing! However, we here at Solcial think you're worth more than you think. But hey, let's let the market decide that!

About Solcial

Solcial is a permissionless social network that gives users the power of web3 by allowing people to interact with each other without fearing censorship, and allowing content creators to be rewarded fairly at market value.

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